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/ Nuno Ribeiro
/ Souls Of Fire
/ Tony Carreira
/ Shanna Waterstown
/ Sara Carreira
/ João Paulo Rodrigues

“HEATS Drumheads is a great discovery for me. Durable, great tone and super easy to tune “.

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About Francisco Lima

Francisco is born in Porto in 1981. He currently works as a freelance drummer. In 2007, he completed his degree in Human Resources and dedicated himself to the study and development of pedagogical practices in the musical area based on coaching. He had private lessons with Claus Hessler and attended several workshops and masterclasses with Steve Gadd, Benny Greb, Michael Lauren, Dom Famularo, Steve Gadd, Jost Nickel, Florian Alexandru-Zorn, Billy Cobham, Gergo Borlai, Simon Phillips, Craig Blundell among others. Over the years he has developed pedagogical skills related to the drums, performing dozens of workshops and masterclass’s. In 2014 he develops the Armazém 508 project where he currently gives drum lessons. He worked with several bands and artists, such as Nuno Ribeiro, Souls Of Fire, Tony Carreira, Shanna Waterstown, Sara Carreira, João Paulo Rodrigues, Ricardo Carriço, Zebra, Apostrophe, Aretha Franklin Tribute, Bombs and Bullets, EntreParedes, etc…

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Drumheads used by Francisco