Louis-Philippe Dumoulin


/ Deadwood

“The HEATS Drumheads are incredible. Easy to use, stay tuned, durable, big choice of heads. All I need to play for a session or on stage”.

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À propos de Louis-Philippe Dumoulin

Louis Philippe is a seasoned professional drummer, composer and arranger. He started playing at the age of 10 and playing gigs at 16.

He has released two albums in 2022 with 2 different bands on two different labels.
Throughout his career, he has toured a lot in Canada, mainly in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes.  He also got to do a mini tour in South America. He now masters recording and video and has his own home studio.

What sets L-P apart from others is the fact that his main influences are from metal drummers and drummers that have a sense of swing and groove to their playing. Having played many styles, he developed his own feel and sound which defines him well.

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