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“HEATS Drumheads sounds incredible. I find my sound for my music : this is HEATS “.

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About Diogo Mota

Diogo Mota, is a drummer/percussionist born in 1995 from Vila Real Portugal. Started studying Drums and Guitar at 10 years old in High School moved to Lisbon where he began to study classical percussion. Later, moves to Porto so he can study at ESMAE where he finishes is music degree. As a Drummer, played with Ghastly Town, Ashes and Waves, Sotz, Wrath Sins and many others. Frequently works as a session musician. Plays with Lhabya and Gaerea. With this last band he has toured all over Europe and China and played with other bands like: Nifelheim, Batushka, Watain, Satyricon, Enthroned, Aborted, Napalm Death, Primordial, Discharge, OAK, Jupiterian, Groza, Redemptus, Holocausto Canibal, Eluveitie, Cult of Fire, and many others.

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Drumheads used by Diogo